Aurora membrane sound visualizer

This gnarly effect is sort of a semi-unintentional byproduct of my previous experiment.

Some of the same rules and techniques still apply: the main driving element is an animated perlinNoise map, but this time it’s used to supply pixel-displacement data.
Along with some basic sound-analysis and bitmapData effects it creates a pretty interesting end-result that in my mind is now officially stuck with the vaguely cyberpunk-inspired moniker “Aurora membrane”:

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="500" height="500" menu="false" wmode="opaque" fversion="10" useexpressinstall="true" /]

By the way, the suffocatingly sinister track is by Gök.

I have gone through at least a dozen different iterations of this effect, with various ways to filter, dampen, amplify or shuffle around the audiovisual data that drives the look, but ended up liking this unsettling, twitchy version the most.

Well, without further ado please feel free to dive right into the source.
Yes, that's right: the source. Have fun kids, and stay in school! 😉

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