Interactive Pixel Bender wave

I finally got around to play with Pixel Bender.

I was particularly interested in how to hook up the shader parameters to be interactive.
I ended up with this fairly basic attenuated wave-disturbance thing, and now I shudder to think how much more involved it would be to do a similar effect by other means (DisplacementMapFilter, ConvolutionFilter, or what have you), not to mention the performance-difference. Talk about getting spoiled, FAST.

Play around with the SWF for a bit, and then it’s time to see the other goods below. (By the way, the scenic shot was taken at a recent family trip to Mammoth Lakes… ;))

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="570" height="570" menu="false" wmode="opaque" fversion="10" useexpressinstall="true" /]

This is the .pbk shader file that goes into the Pixel Bender Toolkit, and is eventually exported as a .pbj file usable within Flash:

...and this is the ActionScript file to bring it all together. (Of course the example's FLA contains a few additional elements as well (e.g. the standard Flash component sliders), but they are so trivial that they aren't worth getting distracted about.)

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