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Snood – along with MonkWerks – is yet another game produced by Monkey Gods. It’s a remake of the ridiculously popular classic puzzle-game.

The iPhone version was developed by the guys at the Dreamhive, and I was one of the people involved with bringing it to Facebook on an insanely tight schedule to assure a simultaneous launch.

I did all the artwork and a good amount of additional AS3 programming on the menu/rankings/achievements/notifications portion of the game. Fortunately a good chunk of this framework already existed thanks to MonkWerks, which at least anchored the conversion process within the realm of possibility. :D


I also ended up doing the Facebook-canvas related art consisting of various promotional images, popups, banners and notification panels such as this one to the right.
For Flash-enthusiasts here’s another goodie I did: the stripped-out main menu of the Facebook version. Of course it’s not going to take you into the actual game here (it’s going in a loop instead), but it works, it’s stretchy, bouncy and it’s fun to play with.

As always, the best way to check it out is to go ahead and play the game on Facebook, or get the iPhone version from the app store. And if you still need more motivation, here's the official trailer of the iPhone version for your enjoyment:

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