Hello, my name is Edvard Toth.
I’m an originally Hungarian-born, but now California-based sentient life form.

I have more than 3 decades of experience with most aspects of interactive entertainment across many genres, markets, and platforms, including innovative regulated gaming products, leading social/mobile/casual hits, a string of blockbuster console titles, and even online media technology.

As a kid I used to be able to write and draw with either hand: in retrospect, this seems like a very generous early clue regarding my future, which I completely failed to see at the time. Over the course of many years it gradually dawned on me that my particular “niche” in life is to embrace my ability to more or less effortlessly traverse boundaries between a wide, disparate range of interests and skill sets, whether they are intuitive or analytical, intangible or exact, artistic or technical.

(Apparently these days people with similar inclinations are being referred to as “multipotentialites” , “expert generalists” or “hybrid professionals“.)

This site is the result of the ongoing,  semi-involuntary squabble of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Have fun visiting.

Dedicated to my family.