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2014-2015 | Gamblit Gaming | Real-money casino games | Unity

As I described in the previous post, working on gambling games comes with its own set of unique challenges, but without a doubt the highlight of working on a new generation of casino products so far has been the opportunity to create games for large-format interactive tables.

These are essentially large (42-55 inch) touch-screen displays connected to fairly powerful PCs, all enclosed in tank-like, tamper-proof cases ready for whatever abuse the casino floor might bring their way.
As soon as we internally play-tested some of our earliest prototypes for the device and noticed the small crowds forming around them, the ensuing playful banter and trash-talking, and the pleas for “just-one-more-game”, we immediately knew we had something really special on our hands. This platform wipes away “device fatigue”, brings back the enthusiasm we all felt in arcades as kids, yet it adds an irresistibly engaging face-to-face social element into the mix as well.

Our initial hunch had been proven right in spades, as our table games – particularly Grab Poker, which could be roughly described as a skill-based marriage of poker and Hungry Hungry Hippos – turned into runaway hits at this year’s Global Gaming Expo. They were featured on all major news-networks, and Grab Poker was even named “Best in Show” by The Motley Fool’s gaming analyst Jeff Hwang.

Stay tuned for more content to be added here, and in the meantime check out this CBS’ coverage of Grab Poker:

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