Gaming expo of the undead

Well, yet another Global Gaming Expo is now behind us.

Before things escalate, I have to clarify that the title of this post is not meant to be some sort subversive commentary on the state of the gaming industry: it refers to the four extremely well done – and quite literal – zombies that roamed the area around the Gamblit booth this year luring people in to play our zombie-themed titles, including a “gamblified” version of the VR sensation The Brookhaven Experiment.

The zombies ended up being one of the most memorable attractions of the show.

Shows like this tend to be exhilarating in general – when the chaos of preparation dissipates, everything comes together and people are having a great time with what you have spent the better part of a year on crafting, it’s pure magic.
That said, especially for a relatively small, startup-size company like Gamblit it takes quite a heroic effort and the combined talents of everyone involved to go from this:


…to presenting 18 games and 5 evolving product-lines (multiplayer interactive tables, multigame systems, the VR Cube, G-Sports terminals, and the physical card table), making everything look slick, polished, effortless, and ultimately looking like this:


It was great to see that our showing has generated a level of public and operator interest as well as press coverage that outperformed prior years by an order of magnitude.

It’s pretty clear that skill gaming, esports and a variety of other alternative gaming experiences have arrived, are here to stay, and are staking their claim for a spot on the casino floor.
Apart from Gamblit’s extensive portfolio an increasing number of other products – some of which are pretty compelling – are starting to emerge as well, both from established industry heavyweights and newcomers.

At the end of the day this is a positive development that helps these new forms of casino entertainment gain critical mass, and accelerates their adoption.
It’s all about the execution at this point, and 2017 is going to be the year when we’ll finally start seeing a variety of these games and devices making their appearances in casinos.

Let’s wrap this up with a couple of videos.
First, the lineup “teaser” of all Gamblit games presented at the show:

The official sizzle-reel of the Gamblit booth in action:

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  1. Ross Avner
    October 10, 2016 @ 8:45 pm

    You guys pulled off a great G2E booth presence. I will be watching closely how Gamblit’s innovation impacts the industry over the coming year.

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