I know what you did at G2E

Well folks – another year, another Global Gaming Expo is now in the bag.

This year we had the most extensive product slate we have ever presented: 24 total games for 3 different platforms, which could probably be classified as “not too shabby” for a company of less than a hundred people.

Our lineup included massive licensed properties like the legendary Pac Man for Pac Man Battle Casino (a partnership with Bandai Namco), or the internally developed competitive multiplayer Deal or No Deal Poker Special, based on the mega-hit gameshow.

The rest of the content comprised of an eclectic mix of about a dozen internally developed titles, plus a number of partnerships with world-class video game development studios.

We even showed two innovative, electronically enhanced card-table games, one of which – Gamblit Poker LIVE – actually ended up winning Global Gaming Business Magazine’s award for “Best Table Game Product or Innovation“.

Speaking of Pac Man: to continue last year’s tradition with the zombies and the VR cube, this year the booth’s crowd-pleasing showpiece was a gigantic Pac Man wall actually playable by 4 people, which came with a human-sized Pac Man mascot included as well (all this can be seen in the photo gallery and the video below).

Click the image for more photos from the show!

All in all, this has been the 3rd G2E since the passage of the historic Senate Bill 9 in Nevada, which led to some of the earliest credible indicators that more interactive, skill-based, videogame-like casino games are about to make their way onto the scene.

We sure came a long way in the last 3 years. Enthusiasm for these types of high-energy experiences seems to be stronger than ever amongst players and operators both, and there’s increasing activity in the space driven by both newcomers and established companies alike.

The thing that keeps me going is that Gamblit continues to be the “tip of the spear” in this market. Our field-tested and fully regulator-approved Model G multiplayer devices are now deployed to nearly 2 dozen locations, with more being added at a brisk pace. We have demonstrated that our audience is on average 12 to 20 years younger than the typical slot-player, which is great news for the demographic curve, and neatly supports the “new-found money” premise. The Las Vegas debut of the TriStation, our single-player platform is imminent as well.

While these products still have a long way to go before they become a signature part of gaming floors, there’s plenty of reason to expect exciting things ahead!

To wrap this up, check out this sizzle-reel video of this year’s Gamblit booth:

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