The Incredibles

2003 – 2004 | Heavy Iron Studios | THQ | PlayStation2 | XBox | GameCube | Platformer

In case you have been living under a rock lately, The Incredibles is based on the awesome computer-animated feature by Pixar Animation Studios about a family of superheroes forced to “blend in” and live undercover suburban lives.

I worked as Principal Artist on the game for about 14 months. Unfortunately with the high profile came the exorbitant amount of office politics and the resulting widespread inefficiency that plagued this project from very early on.

However, on a more upbeat note I still had quite a bit of fun building, texturing and lighting my levels, doing prototyping / research for various effects, occassionally jumping in to do some character modeling, and creating a bunch of Maya-tools for the art-team.

Well, here’s sort of a “behind-the-scenes” peek… the following short video was recorded while I was constructing this level and was experimenting with the effects. Quite obviously everything is unfinished here, but that’s what makes it interesting:

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