Jak 3

2004 | Naughty Dog | Sony | PlayStation2 | Adventure platformer

“A visionary masterwork and extraordinary cinematic experience… one of video games’ finest accomplishments.” [GAME INFORMER]

In a nutshell: Jak3 rules! Well seriously, to work with all those talented people on something which I firmly believe to be one of the greatest videogames ever (yep, EVER) made on any platform had been quite stimulating, to say the least.
I modeled several levels for the game, and I had the chance to work not only with state-of-the-art technology, but with an unparalleled amount of creative freedom and self-sufficiency.

One of the most memorable aspects of the game for me was the Precursor Catacombs series of levels, building which I had spent the last several months of the project on. It generated tricky artistic and technical challenges too numerous to mention.

The entire tunnel-system ended up being about 7.6 miles in length (!) constructed entirely using a “palette” of repeatable panel-elements, totaling several million polygons altogether. A couple of seconds of these levels was even featured in the movie Zathura.

Also, one of the most crucial, revelatory cinematics in the entire Jak & Daxter-trilogy happens here.

…now for a couple of videos:

In addition, a collection of promotional and marketing-images that were made for the game. I didn’t work on these personally, but I always thought they were fantastic:

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  1. Diamond
    April 7, 2010 @ 7:19 am

    Wow, i really like your Maya projects and i am also making similar things too using 3d modelers based on those you did.

    i love the game jak and daxter, ja ii and jak3!!

    great 3d work you have done!

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