Star Wars: Demolition

1999 – 2000 | Luxoflux | LucasArts | PlayStation | DreamCast | Vehicular combat

Star Wars: Demolition was an extremely fun project to make.
It was very intense due to the very short 10-month development cycle but it was also very motivating since I had a lot of opportunity to provide creative input for the game.

I ended up modeling some and texturing all vehicles and setting up their object hierarchies, modeling some and texturing all level assets, creating level-of-detail objects, making ground-tilesets and sky backdrop mattes, texturing the Jabba’s Palace-themed shell, researching and developing the extensively used holographic projection effect along with several other in-game effects and on occasion providing gameplay / design suggestions here and there.

I have always been very fond of the minimalistic aesthetics of low-poly modeling, and transfering these absolutely iconic vehicles and objects into 200-polygon models was a delight.

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