Gamblit mobile games

I absolutely thrive on tackling difficult or unusual problems, but even in my wildest dreams I couldn’t have predicted the kind of ride I was in for when in early 2014 I joined Gamblit Gaming to build and run their new internal development studio (and I mean this as a very good thing).


Legacy Flash experiments

If you are a long-time / returning visitor, you may remember that between 2007 and 2011 or so (when I was most actively involved with development within the Flash ecosystem) I used to have a number of experiments and Actionscript sample-code posted here. These experiments typically tried to stay near the “cutting edge”, and push the envelope […]


Maya MEL Scripts

For a few years during my game-development career I had been very heavily involved with the MEL scripting language of the Maya modeling application. Apart from my confidential, proprietary game-development scripting work I also created a number of freely available, more generic scripts which managed to accumulate well over 80.000 total downloads combined. I even […]



My (mis)adventures involving BINGO Blitz, the genre-leading BINGO game, with 5 million monthly active users across Facebook, iOS, Android and Kindle.


Personal Gallery

As most of my art-related activity is centered around commercial projects these days, it usually takes those occasional bursts of inspiration that tend to come out of nowhere to get new personal artwork posted.


Solitaire and Prizes

Solitaire and Prizes is Playsino’s first game on Facebook, and it’s a combination of authentic Solitaire gameplay, contemporary social gaming mechanics and aesthetics, plus a novel and somewhat unusual Sweepstakes element that offers players the chance to win real-world prizes.


Serf Wars

I originally joined promising social game developer Meteor Games to lead prototyping efforts for a future title, but due to shifting priorities I found myself in the Product Director role on one of the company’s existing games called Serf Wars.


Action AllStars

Action AllStars is a sports-themed virtual world aimed at kids ages 6 to 11. It originally launched in 2008, and features major league brands such as the NBA, MLB, or the NFL Players Association.

Thoughts on technical art in Flash

In the past half a decade or so the ever-increasing complexity of traditional game development has prompted the emergence – and subsequent mainstream acceptance – of the “technical artist” as a fully legit and often sought-after position. Typically these individuals have a strong art foundation, but for one reason or another their interest extends beyond […]


Tiki Resort

When I started at Playdom at the beginning of this year, I immediately found myself in a small team set out to work on a new Tiki-branded island management game called Tiki Resort.

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