I have these unpredictable, periodic bursts of interest in photography.I’m particularly fond of strange and minimalist aesthetics, but of it doesn’t stop there – if it’s colorful and interesting, I’m in. 🙂This is a (very limited) selection of photos I captured over the years. A collection of abstract, surreal, industrial, and minimalist stuff Travel and scenery […]


Korn video

Back in 2004, kind of out of the blue I got the awesome opportunity to work on the video-clip for “Everything I’ve known” by Korn.


Jak X Combat Racing

The switch from the relatively smallish platformer environments of Jak3 to absolutely humongous online-enabled racetrack-levels had its own set of unique challenges, but it all turned out to be very fun and rewarding at the end. I built and designed most of the look of several levels including Kras City, which could be considered the main hub of the game: the awesome intro takes place here, and it makes an appearance even on the box.


Jak 3

In a nutshell: Jak3 rules! Well seriously, to work with all those talented people on something which I firmly believe to be one of the greatest videogames ever (yep, EVER) made on any platform had been quite stimulating, to say the least.


The Incredibles

In case you have been living under a rock lately, The Incredibles is based on the awesome computer-animated feature by Pixar Animation Studios about a family of superheroes forced to “blend in” and live undercover suburban lives.


True Crime: Streets of L.A.

2002 | Luxoflux | Activision | PlayStation2 | XBox | GameCube | Driving action I intermittently worked on True Crime only for about 6 months while trying to get other projects at Luxoflux going. During that time I created around 40+ buildings, several characters and assisted in prototyping certain effects and features.


Ghostworld / Fishdemo

Ghostworld started off as an original character-driven game with a unique theme, visual style and a lot of potential to become something extraordinarily entertaining.


Star Wars: Demolition

1999 – 2000 | Luxoflux | LucasArts | PlayStation | DreamCast | Vehicular combat Star Wars: Demolition was an extremely fun project to make. It was very intense due to the very short 10-month development cycle but it was also very motivating since I had a lot of opportunity to provide creative input for the […]


Vigilante 8: Second Offense

“Every once in a while, something special comes along, something innately good. The incredible Vigilante 8 is one such marvel, a sensational sparkling diamond that is surrounded by hundreds of unremarkable insignificant rocks… 94%” [GAME INFORMER]

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