Ghostworld / Fishdemo

2001 | Luxoflux | PlayStation2 | Adventure platformer prototype

Ghostworld started off as an original character-driven game with a unique theme, visual style and a lot of potential to become something extraordinarily entertaining.

A bunch of very talented people – including some of the top experts of the genre – have invested tremendous effort into it, and while the results were spectacular and generally everybody was very impressed, reality kicked in.

Being an original, “non-proven” property the publisher took an extremely non-committing stance and the soon-to-follow constant changes of direction and target-audience, design-by-committee meetings and the vague atmosphere surrounding the fate of the game had completely extinguished the original spark and eventually led us to abandon the project.
Well, at least you can still enjoy a part of what’s left of it here…

The project nicknamed “Fishdemo” was actually an underwater technology-demo requested by Activision to help them in their pursuit of the license for Pixar’s animated feature film Finding Nemo. Even though they didn’t get the deal, the demo is something I’m very proud of especially since it was done only in about 3 weeks.

…and last but not least: a small taste of Ghostworld. This small clip (unfortunately in terrible quality) is showing the 3rd incarnation of the concept using the 5th completely redone version of the main character:

…and a piece of footage from the underwater demo:

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  1. Kierra Watson
    December 29, 2011 @ 1:23 pm

    Why didn’t this amazing game get made?! I would have played it! I bet LOTS of people would have played it! Forget all the fps by the threes! I WANT THIS GAME!!!!……:'(

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