Thoughts on technical art in Flash

In the past half a decade or so the ever-increasing complexity of traditional game development has prompted the emergence – and subsequent mainstream acceptance – of the “technical artist” as a fully legit and often sought-after position. Typically these individuals have a strong art foundation, but for one reason or another their interest extends beyond […]


Tiki Resort

When I started at Playdom at the beginning of this year, I immediately found myself in a small team set out to work on a new Tiki-branded island management game called Tiki Resort.



Snood – along with MonkWerks – is yet another game produced by Monkey Gods. It’s a remake of the ridiculously popular classic puzzle-game.



MonkWerks is a Flash-based social word-game released on Facebook (and subsequently on iPhone) by Monkey Gods, the latest venture created by the founders of Naughty Dog and Flektor, and apparently yet another one I’m involved with.


The lost slideshows

As I mentioned in a previous post, one of the last things we did at Flektor before the company’s abrupt closure was a set of really cool slideshows (and accompanying backend-technology) for MySpace.


Flektor nostalgia

Well, if you’re a frequent flyer here you probably know that until recently I had been working at Flektor (a startup created by the founders of Naughty Dog) making pretty cutting-edge Flash-based online mashup/video-editing technology and widgets. The company was acquired by Fox Interactive Media in 2007, made a part of Myspace in 2008 and […]

featured_mydebates launched

We at Flektor just launched MyDebates.Com, the official online outlet of the 2008 presidential debates, courtesy of MySpace and the Commission on Presidential Debates. I’m very proud to have been involved with this project, as it is sort of a historical milestone in the online presence of politics, as well as in the magnitude of […]

Rounded corners using nothing but CSS

Recently I was working on iPhone-specific web-based login pages, and for the sake of consistency I wanted to mimic the rounded-corner look of the iPhone interface. I looked around for solutions, but everything I could find either used images, Javascript or both, which seemed like serious overkill for this purpose.


Archive Gallery

This eclectic collection contains older personal work, finished images as well as sketches, speed-paintings, doodles, or simply stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else.


Vintage Pixel Gallery

If you get all nostalgic from classic “vintage” computer art, this gallery is for you. 320 x 200 pixels. 256 colors or less. Done with a mouse (no fancy tablets). Everything created pixel by pixel, and all images presented in PNG format to preserve the signature hand-pixeled look.

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